Thursday, February 6, 2020

Kingdom Roof and Fence is Now Open in Katy, TX

We're Now Open!!!

It's finally 2020 and we're still building fences again here in the greater Houston area. To say that we have been blessed would be an understatement as our new VISION on FIRE is coming to life. With that being said, we at Kingdom Roof and Fence are proud to announce our recent expansion in the Katy Texas area.  Having a new location in Katy Texas for roofing and fencing definitely expands our footprint here in the local area.  With grace, humility and some good old fashioned hard work, Kingdom will be leading the way for all contractors in our industry.  If you're looking to receive a free estimate, free roof inspection or would like some more information about our company, give us a call at 346-291-4492 or simply visit us online at

Starting from Richmond, TX in the majestical and historical Pecan Grove community to now having a location in the elite neighborhood of Tamarron in Katy, TX, Kingdom is set up for success in 2020.  Our company offers roofing and fence services for residential and commercial properties here in and around our service areas.  We specialize in roof replacements, roof repairs and insurance claim assistance for all roofing systems.  In addition, Kingdom provides a turn key solution for any budget with the best in custom fencing or decorative fencing!  To say the least, we are proud to now be not only serving the Katy, TX location but to also have a home office here.  Give us an opportunity to earn your business and we will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Kingdom Roof and Fence is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, highly rated on all social media sites, members of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce and a registered Veteran Owned Business.  Our company has been featured in the Construction News magazine last June, the top rated contractor on Nextdoor and awarded the Houzz top rated contractor last year.  If that wasn't enough, we are very proud of our "Roofing Contractor of the Year" award from Kingdom Business, being an official Kingdom Business and screened and approved from Home Advisor.  There are many other details about our business that would give you a piece of mind but give us a call and see for yourself.  You can reach us by calling 346-291-4492 or visit us online at  #KingdomRoof 

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Roofing Contractor and Fence Company in Richmond Texas


We at Kingdom Roof and Fence are your local roofing contractor in the Richmond Texas area that specializes in roof replacements, roof repairs, roof installations and other roofing systems.  Yes we are full service roofing company that offers a turn key solution to your insurance claim assistance needs.  That means we provide gutter replacement, air conditioner fin combing, window beading replacement and obviously roofing and decking replacement to name a few.  We are prepared earn the oppoortunity to earn your business on any roofing project here in the RICHMOND Texas area and now is the time to get your free roof inspection.  Give us a call at 346-291-4492 to set up your estimate of visit us online at

We at Kingdom Roof and Fence also provide affordable custom fence replacement solutions for the RICHMOND Texas area.  Our fence installation and other fencing services is completed only with the best materials available here in our marketplace. There are many reason why Kingdom is setting the standard and raising the bar in the RICHMOND Texas area but one of them is our gates.  We install a 3 hinge diamond gate system that will hold up the test of time and is made out of wood bracing.  The rest of the construction practices is simply based on not cutting corners at any phase of the fence building project to ensure we have the best product in RICHMOND.  If you're looking to receive your free estimate for a fence repair or fence replacement, give us a call at 346-291-4492 or visit us online at  #KingdomRoof

Kingdom Roof and Fence can be found online by clicking the following links:

Friday, January 10, 2020

Kingdom Roof and Fence Key Words and Marketing Strategy

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

2020 Roofing Contractor of the Year!!!

Roofing Contractor of the Year Award!

We at Kingdom Business have been marketing companies and then watching them grow through the years like our very own children.  For most business owners, we think of our companies as our own babies since we birthed them from an idea and a vision to a full grown well known business.  Kingdom Roof and Fence has been a real joy to watch grow up and take the Houston Texas market by storm so we're pleased to inform our community of this years award!  As you may already know, it's extremely difficult to vet a roofing contractor that you have not done business with yet especially when you may have minimal knowledge regarding the roofing process.  For this reason we lean towards "trusted sources" like the Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, our local Chamber of Commerce and few other trusted sources to find the right contractor.  We at Kingdom Business have done this and awarded Kingdom Roof and Fence the roofing contractor of the year award.

Ron and Laura Robey were seeded this business on behalf of WHY Kingdom Ministries to advance God's Kingdom on this earth and their story has been nothing but a roller coaster.  Ron and Laura met in July of 2018 at a Bible study invitation where years of hardships and life lessons all came together at that moment.  For those of us who have questioned, "WHY things have happened to them" we soon realize that it took a lifetime to prepare us for this moment.  Ron being a student of the Bible and well versed in the roofing and fencing business was the perfect piece in God's puzzle for Laura.  She had years of executive office experience coupled with a similar fire for the Lord that simply could not be distinguished.  Today they are seeking a suitable piece of land within an hour drive of the Richmond Texas area to build their ministry headquarters.  May the Lord bless their steps and provide them with the light upon their feet to see what steps to take next.

Kingdom Roof and Fence has been featured and highlighted in the Construction News Magazine as a top roofing contractor in July 2019 in addition to becoming members of the local Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce.  Kingdom has also been recognized by the Houston Better Business Bureau with an A rated Accreditation proving that they are a legitimate business.  The office of Veteran Owned Businesses has also officially given them the green light to become a certified Veteran Owned Business.  Due to the top rated reviews on all social media, the insurance accord verification for general liability and passing the extensive background checks, we have made them an Official Kingdom Business. For these reasons and many others, Kingdom Roof and Fence has been awarded the Roofing Contractor of the Year award this year!  -Kingdom Business


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Richmond Fence Installation Contractor


Well it's finally summer time here in the Houston Texas area and it's the best time to get your backyard looking great for that cookout!  Most of our clients are motivated by keeping their pets safe but other customers are excited about setting their property apart from the neighborhood.  This is where we shine and can be of the most help.  There's fences that are built to last and then there's the best fences called Kingdom Strong!  Let's go over our current cedar fence specials and fence installation options for your to choose from.

Kingdom Roof and Fence is now offering a FREE CEDAR UPGRADE for our customers during the months of August and September.  Our current prices for new pine fencing is $17 per foot and our cedar fencing is sold at $18.88 per foot.  If you schedule and have over 85 feet installed however during these months, we're offering our cedar fencing for the same price as our pine for ONLY $17 per foot!  This is a great deal on either style of fencing and a perfect time to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Let's discuss a few installation procedures that separate Kingdom Roof and Fence apart from our competitors.  First, we always mix the concrete first before pouring it into the hole.  This may not seem important but most contractors pour dry cement into a hole and apply water with a hose while mixing it up with a stick.  Much like a driveway or any other concrete formation, you cannot pour new concrete on existing concrete that has already been set.  When you mix up the concrete in the hole, there's going to be parts of the concrete that are not mixed correctly and will become sections that set later.  This explains why many fences that are not even a year old yet are already leaning or have fallen down.

We built every fence with 3 stringers which means there's three 2x4 boards that are parallel with the ground to support your fence to the posts.  With one near the top, one almost at the bottom and the third one exactly in the middle, you can rest assured that the pickets will be securely attached to your new fence which prevents warping and detached rouge pickets.  Lastly, we also build our gates like no other fence company in the Houston area. These 3 hinge diamond bracing gates will be more like the front door on your home rather than a flimsy fence gate.  We have wood bracing on every gate that is included in our "Kingdom Strong" package.  Most companies are a very similarly priced when it comes to fencing, WHY NOT GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT the first time?  Call Kingdom Roof and Fence at 346-291-4492 to schedule your free fence estimate.

We are an official Veteran Owned Kingdom Business

Monday, August 5, 2019

Kingdom Roof and Fence Quarterly Report



Kingdom Roof and Fence was selected and highlighted in the Construction News Magazine's June addition.  Laura had been interviewed already for this non-paid listing and it was soon published in the Houston area.  It's a real honor to stop for a second and reflect on how God has been moving in our lives and through our business.  CLICK HERE to view the story about our company.

After a serious marketing effort and a mountain of hard work performed, we at Kingdom Roof and Fence have been named a Lowe's Pro.  There's not many home improvement warehouses that's larger than Lowe's and our company has hit the milestone over purchasing an average of $10,000 a week.  To see our company profile, CLICK HERE for more information.

With the growing importance of being accredited and highly rated, we at Kingdom Roof and Fence have reached out to our local Chamber of Commerce for leadership.  It has been a real honor to now be a member of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce which is a fully accredited business. CLICK HERE to see a link of our company profile on the chambers website.

We have many social media profiles that all have 5 star ratings and great reviews.  Yelp has been one of the most difficult to get and keep reviews on due to their strict policies and algorithms.  During the last couple of months, Kingdom Roof and Fence has managed to become awarded with several 5 star ratings on Yelp.  To see our profile, CLICK HERE for more information.

Kingdom Roof and Fence is an Official Kingdom Business and during the past month or two we have created a new free online directory for Texas businesses.  Check out our listing on the Kingdom Business website and thank you for your continued belief in our companies mission.  CLICK HERE to see our profile.

Thursday, June 6, 2019


What to expect during construction

We are so happy to beginning your fence project. There are a few things we would like for you to review as we get ready to complete your project.

Sprinkler System -  We require that prior to construction that you turn on your sprinkler system for our installer prior to your fence project beginning. We will need to see the system work and each zone. If this process is not complete we will not be responsible for an sprinklers systems not working. Sometimes the sprinkler systems are placed very close to the fence and at times directly on. This often happens if it was put in after the fence was completed. There are instances that there is no way to remove the post with out cracking one of the lines. If this is the case we will repair the sprinkler and it will be added to your final invoice. If you know for certain that we will need to re-route your system we can give you an estimate to do so.

Fence Attached to House - If you're existing fence is connected or anchored to the house through your brick or siding, there's a good chance that the siding/trim or brick can be damaged during the removal process.  Repairing / replacing this siding, trim or brick will be an additional expense.

Earth from Posts - We remove the dirt from the ground when digging to place your posts. Typically we grade dirt out in areas that are needed unless otherwise instructed. This is a great opportunity to level out your yard or take care of any areas that are low. We will grade the dirt along the fence line, you are welcome to move this dirt to any location that you choose.

Cleaning of Yard (Animals) and debris from trees- Before we begin the project we ask that you clean up your yard, removing any pet excrement and any shrubs or bushes that are within 18 inches within the fence line. If we have to remove tree branches, vines, and  bushes there may be additional charge to the project.

Property Lines -  We do not build the fence on the property line but on the existing fence line. If you need the fence line change you must provide the survey for your property prior to the project. This can change the footage and in turn the estimate will be revised.

Neighbor Compensations - Most fences are shared with a neighbor, however, we deal directly with the customer that contracted us. IF there is a split payment of different neighbors we ask that we have all the neighbors information prior to the project. If not, we expect the customer to pay any amounts in full.

Inclement Weather - Weather can change the terrain of a fence project. What was once a pile of dirt can turn to a pile of mud as well as tracking it back and forth bringing supplies.

Removal Process- During the removal process we typically take all the old fence panels with us off site the day we take the fence down. There are some instances when this is taken on another day, this is not common but on rare occasions when multiple neighbors have large amounts of fence pulled at the same time that this may occur.

811 Dig- We will request line marking from 811 dig. This process usually take 24-48 hours.

Unforeseen Labor  - Tree Roots, abnormal amounts of concrete, extra bracing or materials (repair projects) may require additional charges.